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dots2Working in the Public Eye
A vital element of our mission is to elevate the self esteem and self-worth of our employees with special needs. That is why it is crucial that they are observed in action by the public, demonstrating that people with special needs are capable of working and making a meaningful contribution to society, if only given an opportunity. Working in the public eye also helps demystify negative stereotypes of people with special needs and also provides a sense of accomplishment that can only be derived from the workplace.

dots2How You Can Help
Monetary donations are always welcome, but we’d also appreciate your help in spreading the message that people with special needs have a desire, the skill and the work ethic to perform in the workplace. Not long ago people with special needs were hidden from society. Some families even disowned loved ones born with disabilities. The Junction exists to prove that people with special needs have a desire to work and contribute to society. We encourage you to spread this message to your friends





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